Reading to 4th graders at East Side Story Bookstore, Nashville TN

Author Visitations - As a national award-winning creative writing and English teacher, Kimberly takes to heart her author slogan: ♥'s 2 WRITE 4 KIDS / ♥'s 4 KIDS 2 WRITE.  

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Kimberly has appeared and presented to the following groups, conferences, and institutions:

Barfield Elementary School

Schwarzkopf Elementary School

Rose Park Middle School

East Side Story Bookstore

Lockeland Elementary School

The Iris Compass Foundation

The Carnegie Writers' Group

The Cool Springs Book Festival

Southern Festival of Books

Tampa Palms Elementary School

Dan Mills Elementary School

Killer Nashville Writers Conference

Coffee County Middle School

Overton Cluster Literacy Conference


"An engaging presentation with authentic application." Kati Rafacz, MediaSpecialist, Barfield Elementary School

"Our students enjoyed having Mrs. Dana as a guest speaker.  They were engaged and eager to ask her questions about her work.  She inspired the writer in all of them!"  Cicely Woodard, 8th Grade Teacher, Rose Park Magnet School

"I thoroughly enjoyed having author Kimberly Dana read at East Side Story bookstore to read her original works in front of a group of home-schooled students.  She was such a natural at showing the story's pictures to the children while at the same time making it very easy and fun for the kids to follow along with her heartfelt messages found in 'Pretty Dolls' about bullies and lessons about growing up in general.  I am honored to promote and sell Dana's work, and am already planning our next reading at the bookstore!" Chuck Beard, Owner of East Side Story Bookstore

"Kimberly Dana visited my school.  I really liked her inspiration to write books and how she writes about everyday life problems.  And I loved the book.  It really helped me understand why people do bad/wrong things to you.  And how to face it.  Thanks so much."  Lizeth, 7th Grade Student, Rose Park Magnet School

"You're my favorite author!  Lucy and CeCee's How to Survive is AMAZING!"  Brittany, 6th Grade Student, Rose Park Magnet School

"Kimberly Dana was the perfect speaker to launch our series focused on empowering women. She is well versed and her enthusiasm for sharing what she has learned really comes out when she is speaking."  Kristie M. Holmes, The Iris Compass Foundation, Inc.  

"I highly enjoyed working with Kimberly Dana at the Southern Festival of Books this past year. She is great at engaging an audience while also offering insightful advice about the literary world to aspiring writers of all ages."  Courtney Morgan, Panel Host - Southern Festival of Books 

"The activity was very engaging and your story was great.  Very inspirational."  Reena Paul, 5th Grade Teacher, Tampa Palms Elementary School

"Great job!  You appealed to all students' interests."  Allison Scribellito, 5th Grade Teacher, Tampa Palms Elementary School

"The students loved the character paper/drawing.  They also connected when they saw Gracie (doll).  The students loved it and we really enjoyed reading Pretty Dolls."  Debi Potts, 3rd Grade Teacher, Tampa Palms Elementary School

"Kimberly Dana has a true understanding of a fifth grader's mind; they relate to her because she relates to them!" Megan Boghosian, 5th Grade Teacher, Tampa Palms Elementary School

"The kids really enjoyed the presentation!  They were engaged and laughed the whole time." Tiffany Phillips, 3rd Grade Teacher, Tampa Palms Elementary School

"Thank you for visiting our school.  The children loved your book and are excited to write.  The children loved Gracie the Doll.  She is a wonderful visual." Starra Withers, Media Specialist, Dan Mills Elementary School

"Kimberly Dana’s multimedia presentation kept the audience engrossed, engaged, and enthusiastic."  Beth Terrell-Hicks, Special Events Coordinator, Killer Nashville Writers Conference

"When author Kimberly Dana gave her informative presentation, the members of the Carnegie Writers' Group, Nashville, became thoroughly engaged. During her talk, Kimberly offered insights for experienced writers and tips for aspiring writers. At the end, she expertly fielded many questions on diverse aspects of writing. Her responses were informed, timely, and relevant to members' questions. Not only that, but she was fun. We can't wait to have her back again. Thanks, Kimberly!"  Tina Murray, Ph.D., Carnegie Writers Group

"Kimberly conducted a Skype chat with my 5th grade students based on Lucy and CeCee's How To Survive (And Thrive) In Middle School. She inspired the students to continue their love of reading and writing. She was able to relate to the kids and give insightful responses to questions as well as provide advice for their upcoming middle school adventures. It was a great experience and a memorable day for everyone involved." - Katie Zambito, Schwarzkopf Elementary School   

Kimberly discusses PRETTY DOLLS as an educational tool on NBC: 

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Kimberly discusses Lucy and CeCee's middle school survival guide on NBC:

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